Online Team Building Activities for Remote Employees

Meaningful interaction can boost productivity, build trust, and facilitate individual wellbeing among employees. However, creating a strong team of workers is quite challenging in the face of Covid-19; more and more people are opting to work from home, minimising personal interaction.

Luckily, you may utilise the following activities for effective remote team building:

Sharing Personal Photos

To maintain a close connection among your staff members, you may ask them to share a picture of something personal to them. For instance, they could send a photo of their dog, a view from their apartment, their workstation, or their favourite drink or meal. Subsequently, you may ask each worker to tell the story behind what they shared.

This team-building game presents an excellent way for the employees to learn about each other. Even if your workforce has never interacted personally before, this game will go a long way in creating a casual atmosphere among them. It could also be a brilliant icebreaker for new employees.

Playing Virtual Games or Watching a Movie

You can bring your employees together on a single screen by asking them to vote for a movie or an online game in which they all should participate. If they choose a movie, keep the chat box open to give them a common platform for making remarks regarding the film. They may also play games like War of the Wizards, Online Bingo, or Words with Friends.

Encouraging your employees to participate in a common activity will help them bond while also allowing them to unwind and relax after a long day.

Three Truths and a Lie

Another fun way to maintain employee connection involves hosting a video conference every morning and asking one employee to volunteer and tell three truths and one lie. Subsequently, ask the other employees to guess which statement is true and which isn’t. The employee who makes the right guess gets to earn points.

This game presents a fun way for your staff to know each other by sharing information that isn’t common knowledge.


Facilitating online activities for your team is a fun way of breaking the ice and strengthening the colleague bond. The above team building activities will also help to remove awkwardness among your workers.

Importance of Corporate Team Building